Calligraphy month: top tips for beginners

calligraphy month - top tips.png

Welcome to the Cosy Craft Club's calligraphy month! We really want to encourage you to have a go at calligraphy yourself, and we'll be sharing the key things you need to know to get started. You can find all our calligraphy posts in one place here.

There are so many things to think about when learning calligraphy that it can be a bit overwhelming. We asked some lovely UK calligraphers for their top tips to help you on your way, and there they are!

To enjoy it and to focus on developing your own style rather than trying to stick to too many rules. That way everything will flow better and your writing will look more natural and balanced. The saying 'practise makes perfect' DEFINITELY applies in calligraphy - put in the hours and you'll see amazing results. 

Natasha Grove - Away With Words Calligraphy

I would say that my top tip is simply though, it's PRACTICE! I honestly think the more you do it the better you will become.

Emma Barnes - Emerald Paper Design

Practice, practice, practice! Practising really makes such a huge difference to calligraphy. The more you do the better and more confident you'll become. We also have a Meticulous Ink YouTube channel with guidance videos and tips for calligraphy.

Athena Cauley-Yu - Meticulous Ink

Be kind to yourself - with a little bit of practice regularly you’ll be amazed how much you improve.

Sally Riches - Sally Jane Calligraphy

Learning calligraphy as with learning any new skill takes lots of practice but with regular practice you will undoubtedly see great progress! It can be worth taking a workshop to make sure you have grasped the basics. Be patient and enjoy the journey! 

Judy Broad - Judy Broad Calligraphy

Relax and enjoy it, it takes lots of practice to 'perfect' each letter but with time anyone can achieve beautiful calligraphy.  Try not to compare where you are with someone who has been writing for years, its not fair on you!  Have a look on Pinterest for different styles as there isn't one style in modern calligraphy and you may prefer one to another.

Nyree Forster - Paint and Ink Studio

Make space on your desk/table before you start... the paper needs to be at an angle and you need have space to be able to write comfortably.

Check your posture because after a while you'll naturally tend to hunch, and this will give you backaches.

Practice your drills (exercises that help you develop the so-called muscle memory) before attempting to write anything.

Finally, practice practice practice.

Diana - Juno Calligraphy

You won't become a natural calligrapher overnight. Make sure you do the warm up calligraphy so you don't get into bad habits and it should all flow from there!

Amelia Van Herrewege - Millie Stone

Thanks so much to all our wonderful calligraphers who contributed! Please go and visit their websites and show them some love.

I hope that you have picked up one or two useful nuggets to help you on your calligraphy journey! Good luck!

Rachel x