Our favourite modern embroidery Instagram feeds


Welcome to Cosy Craft Club's embroidery month! We really want to encourage you to have a go at embroidery yourself, and we'll be sharing the key things you need to know to get started. You can find all our embroidery posts in one place here.

You’ve got to love Instagram as a wonderful place to discover new crafters. And as I stepped into the world of embroiderers this month, I couldn’t believe my eyes at the wealth of talent out there. It was so hard for me to whittle it down to this month’s selection! Some are feeds that I’ve picked for sheer talent, some are to demonstrate the range of styles of embroidery that are out there, and some are ones that I just love.

Keep reading to discover some amazing embroiderers! Don’t forget to click on their names or pictures to see more of their gorgeous work.

I love how Natalie from @chromato_mania fills the whole hoop with colour and texture to create beautiful landscapes and birds eye views. The use of stitching to recreate the texture of fields in this piece is amazing!

This feed by Katie from @harvestgoodsco is just so beautiful and light. Oh, and the embroidery is so pretty! I particularly like the beautiful ‘handwritten’ elements she adds to some of her designs.

I am in awe of anyone who can do the style of embroidery called ‘thread painting’, that is, making realistic, lifelike images using thread. And Sila from @jolly_hoops tackles the hardest subject of all - people! Her subjects often look like they’re just going about their (very stylish) business and have been captured mid-flow. Just stunning.

Lou from @loustitches has a beautiful feed filled with such gorgeous wildflowers that you’ll feel like you’ve ended up in a meadow! I love the texture that she creates in her work too. She sells patterns in her Etsy shop so I might be buying one of those soon…

Lucy from @peacocksandpinecones is another threadpainter, only her subjects are mostly from the natural world - and often take the form of birds. Isn’t this little dude so realistic?! She’s also recently started a few designs which feature inflatables - I have to say that I thought they were photographs or something sewn onto the fabric, rather than being stitched! Very impressive!

Buildings take centre stage in the embroideries by Elin of @petronella.art. Beautiful line drawings of mainly European city scenes are turned into beautiful works of art with the addition of minimalist stitching and a colourful highlight or two. You can buy many of their patterns on their website.

I chose to include Lottie from @purple_rose_embroidery because I just love her modern blackwork embroidery designs. My grandmother did blackwork, but Lottie has put a modern spin on this traditional form of embroidery - and doesn’t it look great!

Whilst I do have a soft spot for flowers, I also love geometric patterns and @seasidefoxartwork’s are incredible because they’re embroidered! Jennifer also shares my love of art deco patterns and uses them for the inspiration of many of her designs. She has great colour combinations as well, and her work is just immaculate.

And finally, something completely different! Georgina of @thatembroiderygirl not only creates amazing 3D embroidered creatures, but uses a technique called goldwork as well. The result is a range of animals that glitter and sparkle - and all have their own character. I particularly love their facial expressions!

I hope you love these talented embroiderers’ work as much as I do. Don’t forget to click on the links and show them some love!

Rachel x