Welcome to calligraphy month!


Here at Cosy Craft Club, we focus on a different craft each month, with lots of resources and inspiration to get you started if you want to have a go for yourself. And this month it's calligraphy!

There may be some of you wondering what calligraphy actually is?! It's a type of decorative lettering, with varying widths of strokes on the letters. Calligraphy can be created using a pointed pen, broad nib pen, brush pen or a brush. Our resources will focus on pointed pen calligraphy, since that is the type used in our Meticulous Ink calligraphy kit.

Have you ever wanted to try calligraphy? If so, keep an eye on this blog as we'll be sharing a series of posts designed to show you what you need and how to start (you’ll be able to find all our posts on our dedicated calligraphy page). And hopefully we'll inspire you to have a go for yourself!

For further calligraphy inspiration, take a look at our Instagram feed and Facebook page. And if you have any questions about calligraphy, please leave a comment below or send me an email at hello@cosycraft.club. We’d love to help if we can!

Rachel x