Welcome to needle felting month!

needle felting month.png

Here at Cosy Craft Club we celebrate a different craft every month, and this month it’s needle felting!

So what is needle felting? It’s based on the fact that when you poke a barbed needle into wool it mats (or ‘felts’) it together. The kind of wool used here isn’t the stranded spun type that you see in wool shops, it generally comes in a big fluffy lump! The Makerss have a great introduction to the types of wool used in needle felting.

When you stab the barbed needle into your wool, it makes it denser and stiffer, and is also used to make different colours and types of wool stick together. By applying skill to this process, you can create all kinds of 2D and 3D objects using needle felting! Some examples are animals, people, needle felted pictures and garlands.

Photo:  Feather Felts

Over the next few posts we’ll be showing you some great examples of needle felting, taking a look at our needle felting kit from The Makerss and showing you how to get started if you’d like to try needle felting for yourself.

Keep checking back for more needle felting inspiration!

Rachel x