How much does a subscription cost?

A monthly subscription costs £22 per month. 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions can be purchased in advance.

  • 3 months: £22 per month

  • 6 months: £20 per month

  • 12 months: £18 per month

What is the payment schedule?

For month-to-month subscribers, we take the payment for the following month on the 11th of the month. For those who wish to purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, the payment is taken at the time of ordering, and no further payment is required during the fixed lifetime of the subscription.

Can I buy individual craft kits?

This is something that we plan to offer in future. At the moment you can subscribe for one month and then cancel your subscription once you have received your box.

Can I buy a gift subscription for someone else?

Yes, when you checkout you can check the box next to ‘This is a gift’ and enter the details of the person that the gift is for.

Will we be told what the next month’s craft is in advance?

Yes, we’ll announce the next month’s craft on the 20th of the previous month.

What if I don’t like the look of the next craft or it’s one I already do?

You can easily pause your subscription for a month by logging in to your account and clicking ‘skip next renewal’. The next month your subscription will continue as normal. In future, we plan to offer previous craft kits as a swap if you would like to choose a different craft that month.

What are your delivery costs?

Delivery is free within the UK. We are happy to ship to anywhere in the world but there will be an additional postage charge. Please email hello@cosycraft.club to find out how much it will cost to ship to your location.

When do I need to sign up?

You have until the end of the month to sign up for next month’s box. For example, if you want to receive January’s box, you need to sign up by 31st December.

When will I receive my next box?

We ship boxes on the 4th of the month by 2nd class post, so if you live in the UK you should receive your box a few days later. Shipping times for other countries may vary by up to 2 weeks.

What is your cancellation policy?

For month-to-month subscribers, you can cancel at any time up to the end of the month. After this date, your order for the next month will be confirmed and you will receive the next month’s box through the post. If you have already paid for next month’s box when you cancel (but the box has not yet been shipped), this will be refunded.

Pre-paid subscribers may also cancel their subscription at any time. If any boxes have been shipped before the cancellation, the refund will be reduced by the cost of the boxes that have been shipped (applied at a rate of £22 per box).

Any other questions?

Please go to our contact page or email us at hello@cosycraft.club