Welcome to weaving month!

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Here at Cosy Craft Club, we focus on a different craft each month, with lots of resources and inspiration to get you started if you want to have a go for yourself. And this month it's weaving!

So, what is weaving? Well, according to Wikipedia

Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.
— Wikipedia

The interesting part of weaving comes when you start looking at the different materials, stitches and patterns used. If you’ve noticed the recent trend for woven wall hangings, you’ll have seen how texture plays a large role, with many modern-style weavers opting for thick, squishy yarns and roving, as well as adding fringe and loop (rya) stitches.


If you’re interested in learning more about weaving, included how to get started yourself, please keep checking back to this blog. We’ll be adding plenty of resources this month to get you on your way! You’ll be able to find all our weaving posts in one place on our dedicated weaving page.

For further weaving inspiration, take a look at our Instagram feed and Facebook page. And if you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me an email at hello@cosycraft.club. We’d love to help if we can!

Rachel x